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Kumano Kodo Featured in Journal of the World Trails Network

"The Kumano Kodo: A Trek Where the Gods Live"
Text: Robert Searns
Published by: Journal of the World Trails Network (Trails Around the World)
Issue No.3 - August, 2017


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Kodo-no-Mori Anchan has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Kodo-no-Mori is a lodging next to Takijiri-oji, the spiritual entrance to the sacred Kumano mountains and popular trailhead for multi-day treks on the Kumano Kodo.  The guestrooms are simple Japanese style, where futons are laid onto the floor for sleeping.  The kitchen, bath and washing area are communal. There is an atmosphere of home-sharing as the owner (and cat) lives onsite.  There is a shop built into the house which is run by the same owner.  The shop sells souvenirs including a selection of local sake and beer.  Supper and lunch box are delivered from a local cafeteria run by an older couple.  Breakfast is simple continental style.

Kumano Travel | Travel Support Center, OPEN!


The Kumano Travel shop (Travel Support Center) is dedicated to supporting visitors onsite, your Kumano Journey Gateway.  It is located within short walking distance from the Kii-Tanabe station and is run by bilingual English/Japanese speaking staff.

The design uses local cedar paneling and at the entrance is a wood mosaic of the sacred three-legged Yatagarasu crow, the symbol of Kumano.

There is a shop featuring local souvenirs, outdoor gear, and books.  Tax free shopping is available for combined purchases of over 5000 including other stores in the area.

Travel Desk | Onsite Reservations
    Tours & Activities
    Luggage Storage
    Luggage Shuttle
    Itinerary Support

    Local Souvenirs (cool t-shirts!)
    Outdoor Gear
    Tax Free Shopping

Location: Less than one minute walk from JR Kii-Tanabe station.
Hours: 9:00~18:00 year round
Address: 14-6 Minato, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, 646-0031, JAPAN

Luggage Shuttle (Ryujin Bus) has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Ryujin Bus is a local transportation company.  Their luggage shuttle service is from Tanabe to accommodations in Takijiri, Takahara, Chikatsuyu, Nonaka and the Hongu area (Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, Watarase Onsen, Hongu). Luggage is shuttle from the Kumano Travel shop in front of the Kii-Tanabe station, and needs to be dropped off by 12:30 on the day use.  If departure from Kii-Tanabe station is on an early bus luggage pick-up is from accommodations (excluding Altier Hotel & Konyamachiya).  Have Ryujin Bus luggage shuttle transport your bags so you can conveniently use the local bus to sightsee and walk more enjoyably.

Book Luggage Shuttle (Ryujin Bus) online now >>
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Guesthouse Okagesan has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Guesthouse Okagesan is a historic house in the Wataze Onsen area of Hongu about 10 minutes walk from Watarase Onsen.  The house is the birthplace of Yamamoto Genpo, and important local figure. The building has all of the features of an authentic Japanese mountain home with an open, airy concept of pillar and beam construction.  The floors are covered with tatami mats, and rooms divided by sliding fusuma doors.  There is an irori hearth and in the kitchen is an old-fashioned kamado rice cooking stove built into the floor.  Okagesan is run by the charismatic Mr. Shirai who has a contagious, booming laugh.  He is originally from Tanabe, spent time in Tokyo and then moved to Hongu to open a Yakitori chicken skewer restaurant.  This popular restaurant is near the guesthouse and is the check-in/check-out reception site for the guesthouse.

ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an has joined the Kumano Travel community!

"Rediscover Your Inner Peace" is the concept of ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.  This boutique lodging is a renovated Japanese home in a quiet residential area within walking distance of the JR Shirahama train station.  The owner, Noriko Furukubo, with passion and integrity transformed the building with the kind help of friends and supporters, doing as much as possible by hand, maintaining the nostalgic look and feel of Old Japan.  The house, originally her grandparents, has two guestrooms and a communal area, with convenient amenities such as free drinks, refrigerator, toaster and microwave.  In front of the house is small Japanese garden style green space.  Lovingly decorated with antiques, Noriko hopes that this authentic touch of Japanese culture will facilitate guests to rediscover their inner peace during their stay at ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.